One on One with Stacey

What is it?

This is a 3 month mentorship and coaching session with Stacey and includes:

  1. One initial call via Skype or conference call where Stacey will get to know you. We’ll dig into your food and exercise history and patterns. This call is approximately 60 minutes in length.
  2. 2 additional phone calls per month focused on the following themes:
    1. Mindful Munching
    2. Meaningful Movement
    3. Self Care/Self Love/Self Compassion
    4. Emotional Eating
  3. Stacey’s UnRuly Life Guide to accompany you throughout the 3 month journey.
  4. Access to Stacey through email and in an exclusive Facebook group only for program participants.

“I would definitely recommend this program to others in order to show them that there is another way! There is a way that you can live and not hate your body, not punish your body by working out just to burn off calories, Not to count every single stinking calorie that you eat and just because you’re afraid not to stay with in your allotted calorie amount.  It is so freeing to know that my body knows what I need and that I just had to break my habits down and learn again to listen to what my body was trying to tell me!”- Heather, program participant

I’ve been there. I’m a recovering emotional eater, starver, binger, exercise-aholic, comfort eater… pretty much you name it, I get it. After I had my daughter, I fought tooth and nail to get the weight off. I hated my new body, a body that I did not recognize after pregnancy. I worked SO hard to lose a ton of weight more than a decade before and was honestly so terrified of weight gain that I dreaded pregnancy. I exercised before I was cleared to. I choked down food that didn’t taste good or fill me up, only to binge on chocolate late at night when it was just me and baby trying to get some sleep. I was effing miserable. Eventually my body stopped responding to the starvation and extreme exercise. I stopped trying to restrict so much and push so hard. I learned to embrace the body that I have now, rather than long for the body that never was and never would be. Because of this, I got my life back. I no longer live in fear of “messing up” my daughter with my dangerous disordered eating habits. I have time to spend with her now that I’m no longer spending all of my time working out. We eat family meals together. And beyond my home life… I’m no longer afraid or hesitant to take part in friend gatherings like wine nights or even vacations. I’m finally free. I want that for you, too.

I work with women who struggle with the same mentality- trying to find peace in a diet-less lifestyle. Trying to accept that diet won’t ever work permanently. Trying to love and live in the body that they have now rather than the one they fantasize about. I help them shed the false hopes and beliefs about dieting and weight loss and discover their own inner super powers- their likes, wants, needs- and use them to live a fuller life.

Stacey is RIGHT for you if you are…

  1. Patient. It’ll take time. This isn’t a quick fix. The goal of this is not weight loss. The goal is peace. Sanity. Deal?
  2. Brave. I know that might sound silly, but you have to be willing to try things that you otherwise may not have the courage to do. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been stuck in the same patterns for so long that you cannot imagine any other way of life and living. But to get better, you’ve got to.
  3. Honest. No one wins where secrets are kept. No one is perfect and we will all fall, dust off, and keep moving. But we  have to be honest.
  4. Willing to start putting yourself first more. If you have children and/or a spouse, this can seem impossible sometimes. But you deserve no less than they do, so start telling yourself that you get to win too. You matter. You deserve it.
  5. Ready to slow down and listen. Listen to your body. Listen to the group. Listen to me. Unless a voice is telling you that you don’t matter- that this doesn’t matter- take the time to stop and digest the words coming at you.
  6. Able to believe that this is just the beginning of a greater life. It’s hard, it’s scary, it’s complicated. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and you are on the train to get there. Believe in yourself and the process.
  7. Agreeing to tune out the noise. Stop jumping at shiny objects and commit to really do this.
  8. Last, but certainly not least… probably the biggest and hardest, but also one of the best things you’ll do… you have to throw your scale away. It’s not serving you for any reason. Whatsoever.

Stacey is NOT right for you if you are…

  1. Looking for the “next best thing” in the diet world. You won’t find that here.
  2. Unwilling to attempt new things, believe in yourself, and be honest with both Stacey and yourself.
  3. A firm believer that there is only one way to success.
  4. Willing to put more faith in the scale than in yourself and the work you’re doing with Stacey.
  5. Unable to feel things. Laugh, cry, get angry, come to resolve… it’s going to get deep and the real work is up to you.

60 minutes, a phone or computer (with internet), you, a notebook, pen, maybe some tissues, ability to print or copy the worksheets

  • Commit to the full 3 months of working together
  • Openness, Rawness, Honesty… all the things we need to do some real work
  • Uninterrupted attention during the call
  • Follow-up feedback for me (always appreciated and taken into account)

The discussion is self-directed based somewhat on your application. A few possible ideas for discussion might include:

  • emotional eating
  • mindful munching
  • meaningful movement
  • self-love, self-confidence, self-acceptance

Again, we will dive deepest into what you are most interested in working on. This is your time and I want to honor that! The guide will be filled with plenty of other activities and things to think about along the way as well.

Sometimes it takes an outsider to help us dig deep enough to do the “real” work.
Working with me will help with:

  • discovering the root issues with food
  • feeling more peaceful around food and exercise issues
  • implementing simple, do-able tricks to help you move forward and live a fuller life
  • building a stronger sense of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-confidence

“I have learned so much by working with you! I am slowly, but surely able to except myself and my body for what it is at this moment in time.  I have truly given myself permission to eat what I want when I want it and the freedom to not have to follow a plan or track everything I eat is quite amazing! I have been on diets and off diets for as long as I can remember and I was so tired of it! Your program has given me the opportunity to learn the framework to live without a diet and to live happily in my body. I still have work to do of course, but I have surely come a long way!

The thing that led me to want to work with you was the idea that I wouldn’t have the guilt or shame associated with “failing “another diet and not being able to do what the experts say I should be able to do. I have beat myself up so badly over the years that my self-esteem had drastically dropped. I am learning to be more assertive with my wants and my needs and I realize that I am just as important as anyone else!  I truly believe and understand that all I can ask myself is to do the best I can with what I have at this moment and that is exactly what I’m doing now!”- Heather, program participant

Email me! I’m happy to answer them for you.

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I will notify you within 72 hours to let you know whether or not we are a good match to work together.

After you submit payment through PayPal, we will get to work!

“Stacey is a subject matter expert with an immense ability to communicate and just the right dash of humor!” -Laurie

“You have been spot on with my personal struggles. Thanks for what you are doing!” -Linda