Fun Stuff

Fun Facts about me:

  1. I am a middle child. I hate competition (but I’m very competitive) and love when all is equal and fair.
  2. I live in ND, where our temperatures range from -50+ to 100+. Ridiculous.
  3. I have always loved writing. It found me when I started seeing a therapist and I haven’t put down a pen since. It’s gotten me through my darkest hours.
  4. I am terrified of dogs and pretended to like them when my husband and I started dating because he had one.
  5. I went to a counselor when I was in 3rd grade because I was being picked on so badly.
  6. I SUCK at cooking. Sometimes I wish I was handy and could whip up beautiful, elegant meals… but it’s just not me. I burn toast, but I make a mean bowl of cereal!
  7. I have one child. (Two if you count my husband.) (And three with the dog.)
  8. I LOVE food. When my child was born, after I knew she was OK I immediately demanded that my husband called for pizza before the pizza places closed.
  9. I’m obsessed with a good quote.
  10. I have a really hard time sitting and doing nothing. If I’m still, I’m not feeling well.
  11. I love Chinese food the most.
  12. I struggle with anxiety and depression. It was diagnosed when I hit rock bottom just before I got engaged. Medication and therapy are my saviors. I also had a nice round of Post-partum depression. No shame.
  13. I was in the 4-H program until my late-20’s. I started when as early as I could at age 5, was a 4-H Ambassador when I was in college, and worked for the Extension Service in the area of 4-H right out of college. I learned a lot but the connections that I made are priceless.
  14. I hate to drink normal water. I’ve been trying so long to get away from my pop and sparkling waters, but I’m a sucker for sweet and carbonated.
  15. I love lists. I’m terrible at following up, but making them is fun.
  16. I hate flying, but I married a pilot. One of the things I love about him is his desire to travel. My dad will not fly so we rarely went anywhere if we couldn’t get there in a car. Now all I want to do is travel… sans flying.
  17. I lost 130+ pounds in high school and kept it off through most of my 20’s. It was my badge of honor and my goal in life. Nothing else mattered but the weight.
  18. I walked a 10k when I was 6 months pregnant. It was hot and I didn’t want to drink anything because I didn’t want to have to pee so I almost passed out right before we started but kept it together and finished. Then I went home and sat on the couch the rest of the day because I had gotten so overheated.
  19. I HATE dressing up and wearing “real” clothes. My ideal life is me existing in sweatpants, all day, errrry day!
  20. I love lifting weights. I was a cardio addict for many, many, MANY years and terrified of lifting because I didn’t want to gain weight from it. But it’s fun to throw heavy shit around and see the muscles grow.
  21. I am a Licensed, Registered Dietitian. I originally went to college for teaching but couldn’t find my niche, so i changed to nutrition because I had already lost a ton of weight so I was the expert, right? HA!! I hate math and science… do you know what Dietetics is? The science of food. A ton of chemistry. Good times. Lots of tutoring and studying. And I graduated with honors!
  22. I connect with people quick and hard and like to believe that everyone is my friend. I like to have friends wherever I go. And I like to bring them all together to see what happens- like a giant puzzle.
  23. I love puzzles, and I try to do them without looking at the picture.
  24. I have a very creative brain and being able to use it is the greatest feeling in the world. I love to create.
  25. I hate odd numbers. If I’m typing a list I’ll try to come up with one more thing if I ended up on an odd number. The only “ok” odd number is 5- and that’s only for alarms.
  26. I love to clean and organize, but my house is usually messy. It’s fun to me to take a tangled mess and sort it out if I have time and space.
  27. I love nature. Nothing brings me more peace than being outside, especially if I can be walking or hiking.
  28. I’m a scaredy cat. I hate heights, the dark, big scary men, dogs, ice, food poisoning, not knowing the plan, bugs, death and dead things, small spaces, raw meat and poultry,
  29. I have a TERRIBLE memory. It drives my husband nuts. I like to think it’s simply because I’m always thinking of too many things at once so not all of it gets retained.