When You Can’t Say Something Nice

When You Can’t Say Something Nice

January 18, 2018 0 By fixedonfood

Breaking up with dieting can mean changing a number of things.

A change of habits.

A change of environment.

A change in relationships.

A change in perspective.

Along the way, it’s hard to accept part of the journey. One of the biggest and hardest hurdles to overcome is accepting your body as-is. It’s part of the reason I kept turning back to diets time after time. I didn’t like feeling like my body was “betraying” me. I didn’t want to “go backwards.” I couldn’t imagine buying bigger clothes.

The thing about Intuitive Eating is, it’s anything but a diet. It’s learning to listen to your body again. Honoring what it tells you. Finding what is natural for you. Loving yourself just as you are. Often it entails some weight gain, especially early on in the process. Sometimes that goes away. And sometimes that doesn’t. The point is to figure out how to stop warring with your body and with food and to finally make peace.

This takes time and a lot of energy to do. Once you’re there… you’re SET. But you have to be willing to put in the work to get there, and you have to commit to not giving up. It’s easy to go back to another diet. And they’re everywhere. It’s harder to stand up for yourself and declare that you are lovable just as you are. To freely give the love you long for to yourself without restrictions and stipulations.

So in the yucky, uncomfortable meantime… what the hell do you do?

I like to call it “2 Truths and a Lie.”

Have you ever played that game?

Basically, you tell a group of people 2 things that are true about you and one that is false and they have to guess which one is the lie. In this case the lie is the negative thing you’re telling yourself. So when the thought pops in your head, you then have to come up with 2 TRUTHS about the same body part/thing that you’ve just tried to hate. For instance- if you say something like “My legs are so fat,” you then have to come up with 2 truths about them. “They are healthy and strong. I’m thankful that they take me places.”

Mindset is a very powerful thing, but sometimes it needs some help in correction or improvement. Studies show that if you tell yourself something often enough you start to believe it. Affirmations, anyone? This is the same type of idea.

The hope is that, eventually the GOOD will start to overcome the bad. Eventually the GOOD will replace the bad. Eventually you will find a place in your life where you appreciate and accept your body… maybe even love your body.

Can you give this a shot?

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