Her, Inside

Her, Inside

January 18, 2018 0 By fixedonfood

Living for so much of my life on a diet, I forgot how to listen to her.

Her, Inside.

She used to tell me that she was
Not loving my food.
Sick of working out so long every day.

And somewhere along the line I forgot how to listen. I stopped hearing. And she stopped trying to speak up and advocate for my needs. For me, it became more important to be a certain size than it was to honor what my body really wanted and needed.

The good news, my friends, is that she’s still in there. Waiting for me to tune in. To listen to Her, inside.

She’s inside of all of you, too. And no matter how long you’ve been following plans that tell you how and what to eat, you can step back into a place of listening and honoring at any time.

What happens if you can’t hear Her?

Try to eat meals regularly until you start feeling regularly hunger signals. Sometimes we have to “reset” the system by letting our bodies know that food is no longer scarce. Once it trusts you enough to know that you’ll feed when prompted, they’ll start showing up.

And then let yourself feel hunger. Do you remember what hunger even feels like? It seems like a silly question, but I need you to really think about this. Maybe you eat too often and don’t let your body send you any signals. Or maybe you thought the lightheadedness, the grouchiness, etc. was on account of needing to drink water or having a bad day at work. Get to know how hunger presents itself. Do you get anxious? Hangry? Feel unable to concentrate? Feel pains in your stomach? Just observe.

Then write. Keep a small journal of what your hunger acts and feels like. How fast does it take you to go from kind of hungry to STARVING? This usually only takes once or twice before you understand what your range and gauge and tolerance is. Map it out on a scale of 1-10; 1 being that you are satisfied and don’t need to eat at all and 10 being that you are willing to just about anything and everything because you are so hungry. Some people get to a 10 before they even notice they’re hungry. Others can’t get past a 3.

Remember that this all takes time. You might’ve tuned her out for years, decades even… so it might take a few weeks to start catching the signals. Patience is a necessity.

And¬†know that this is an ever-changing thing. One day you might notice that you hardly eat at all because you just weren’t hungry and others might make you feel like you don’t stop eating because your body tells you to. That’s perfectly normal and totally fine.

Learning how to listen to Her again is so freaking liberating. It’s reconnecting again to your whole self. Taking back your power by honoring your needs.

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