Honor Thy Hips

Honor Thy Hips

September 28, 2017 0 By fixedonfood

We are constantly told what we need to look like. Who we need to be. How we need to sound. What we need to believe…

So when I had our baby girl, my expectations for my body were HIGH. I had to “get my pre-baby body back.” I was so fixated on the mission that I started my diet on the morning after I had her. I exercised before I should, arguing with my husband that I would take it easy and it was for my sanity. While it truthfully was about my sanity, it mostly was because I had to make the evidence of the fact that my body had carried that sweet child from conception to birth disappear as fast as I possibly could because everyone else did. I also set out to breastfeed, but my body had other plans. I didn’t make enough milk so I failed to provide what she needed and we were both hungry all the time. I was going to be a great mother with the gift of a calm child because I had babysat for so many years that I knew exactly what to do and how to handle anything with a child. But, shit. It was NOTHING like that.

The first year of my child’s life proved to be dark and lonely and scary for both of us. I cared more about my size than I did about getting sleep. I cared more about how I looked in pictures than giving my body what it truly needed. And on top of depriving myself of any kind of gift of grace and self-care, I had a child that greatly preferred screaming and not sleeping to the alternative.

I decided to make the following Body Commandments for a Mother after really reflecting on the first year of postpartum motherhood. If you’re expecting, I hope you will take these to heart and honor your body, as hard as that may feel when the world is telling you the opposite. Sleep, eat, drink, cry, smile, laugh… and GO SLOW. If you’re newly postpartum, I still hope you’ll work these into a mantra that you tell yourself every day. And where ever you’re at in the journey of life… I believe these can still work for you.

Body Commandments for a Mother:

  1. Honor thy Hair. It is going to fall out. It is going to go without showers too often. It will be pulled into ponytails and covered with hats. And that is OK.

  2. Honor thy Breasts. They are larger. They are smaller. They hang differently. And that is OK.

  3. Honor thy Stomach. It is softer. It is striped. It has a few more folds. And that is OK.

  4. Honor thy Hips. They are wider. They are striped. They are cushier. And that is OK.

  5. Honor thy Legs. They have more prominent veins. They take up more space. And that is OK.

  6. Honor thy Emotions. They are stronger. They are more immediate. They are unrelenting. And that is OK.

  7. Honor thy Hunger. Ignore anything that makes you feel behind because of how your body has changed. Feed it when it asks you to. Feed it enough. Feed it a variety. It is OK.

  8. Honor thy Exhaustion. Ask for help. Take naps. Let the dishes and clothes pile up. Pick the easy button as often as you can. You will be or are freaking exhausted. Sleeping when you can, even with all the other things that you need to get done while baby naps are happening? That is OK.

It’s going to feel like you’re doing everything wrong. It’s going to feel like everyone has it all figured out. It’s going to feel like too much so often… but trust me, Mama. You’ve got this. One day at a time, one good thought at your time.

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