Robbing us of Miracles

Robbing us of Miracles

July 20, 2017 0 By fixedonfood

While pondering all that has transpired in my life one day, I got really, REALLY angry.

Angry because I realized what diets are doing to girls and women.

I’m ashamed to admit that I fell prey to 2 common results of the brainwashing that often results from diet culture:
1. wishing for a disease, and
2. fearing pregnancy.


Because the first one would make me skinny and the second one would rob me of being skinny.

Never mind the miracles of good health and new life.

ALL that mattered was being as skinny as I could for the world I lived in.
It had become my one and only motivation in life.
It was robbing me of common sense and appreciation for life.
Robbing me of miracles.

This is the reality of diet culture, folks.
Does it sound disgusting to you? Unbelievable, maybe?

Statistics show that this is the kind of stuff girls and women all over the world hope for and fear now.

Being skinny is more important than being thankful for living in good and perfect health.
Being skinny is more important than being thankful for being able to create, carry, and deliver a precious new baby.

These are the messages that our young girls, our young women, USWE are getting.

These are the winds directing our sails.

These are the types of things that we need to overcome. To redirect. To silence.

Do you have a young girl in your home? It’s time to start the work now- no matter how old she is.

Teach her that all bodies are beautiful.
Teach her that she’s nothing to “fix.”
Teach her that health is something to be thankful for.
Teach her that she’s lucky to have babies.
Teach her that diets lie.
Teach her that she is perfect just as she is now.
Teach her that she holds incredible power to make positive change in the world through her words and actions.
Teach her that no one has the right to place value on her based upon the amount of space she takes up in the world.

And lastly, I remind you kindly that actions speak louder than words:
-do you believe your body is beautiful?
-are you trying to fix?
-are you thankful for health?
-do you try to run from and hide the body that carried and delivered those babies?
-are you on a diet?
-do you poke and prod at your “imperfections?”
-do you understand your own incredible power to change the world, one small mind at a time- right in your own home?
-do you believe that you are “less than” because of your size?

Let’s do better.

Let’s stop this cycle that robs us of miracles.


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