Your House, Your Body

Your House, Your Body

April 19, 2017 0 By fixedonfood

Did your house change when you brought baby home?
I’m sure it did. It got fuller. Messier. Louder. Smaller. More chaotic. 

Maybe it was a hard adjustment. Especially if you are pretty particular about the look of your house or the level the laundry pile. (It’s totally OK to cry about those things, by the way. TOTALLY normal. I mean, all the people on TV and in the movies still have clean houses so you thought that was how it’d be for you too, right?) Maybe motherhood was nothing like you pictured. There weren’t as many hours in the day as you thought you’d have to live the high life, “get your body back,” cook delicious homemade meals, and organize your house top to bottom. Maybe post-partum depression set in at some point and robbed you of energy, ability to care, and all shreds of happiness and sanity. Maybe chocolate became your safe place in the midst of the all night cry fests. Maybe you just survived it all and that is perfectly OK.

Did you burn your house down?
No. You live there. That would be pretty silly, right?

You body is also a house. It created, formed, and birthed a HUMAN BEING. Maybe it fed your human, too. Pretty amazing. Pretty life-changing. Pretty miraculous.
I’m sure you noticed new things during and after, too. I’m sure you’re fuller. Maybe your skin is messier. Maybe your curves got louder and more pronounced. Maybe your confidence got smaller.

And for many of us, it’s a really hard adjustment. We look in the mirror and don’t recognize who we once were. It’s exciting to watch as our bodies grow with the human inside of us, but once that baby is in our arms we have an overwhelming sense to get hyperfocused on one thing and one thing only: “pre-baby bodies.” Why do you have to get it back? Who took it? Where did it go?

Maybe you’re uncomfortable with the transformation. The stripes, the skin, the sag, the scar… it’s a lot to take in, right? But, just like your house, there’s no need to burn yourself to the ground with guilt and self-hate. Need I remind you what your body just did for YOU? For YOUR BABY? For that reason and that reason alone you should be showering it with love, wearing clothes that fit, and listening to its needs.

This is the new “normal” for your house now. This is the new “normal” for your body now. It’s not worse, just different. Because we are all built different, we will all respond to pregnancies differently and that’s OK. What’s not ok is when we expect to react how someone else does (like a celebrity who has a chef making all of their meals and a personal trainer) and hate ourselves for failing to “get there.” (And again I ask, where is “there” anyway?!)

Rise above.

Respect and Love your house and all that it’s done for you and your family.

A safe space. A protection. A soft landing.  A strong standing structure. A miracle.

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