A Day without a Scale

A Day without a Scale

March 5, 2017 0 By fixedonfood

I hope you’ve read about my day with a scale.

So shitty, right?

If you had a friend or a child that lived that life… what would you tell them?

I’ve thought about this a lot. I’d strongly discourage her to continue such demeaning and harmful behavior. I’d tell her she’s so much more than what that number is making her feel. I’d spout off all of her amazing qualities that have nothing to do with weight. I’d remind her that she is capable of things that are way above and beyond a set of numbers.

But when it’s you?

Damn. That’s tough.
It’s not supposed to work that way. The focus shouldn’t be on you.
Let’s flip the script and avoid that situation, right?


Now that I’ve outlawed scales in my house, I have mental energy for other things. I have a clearer voice and stronger willingness to listen to that voice inside that tells me to stop eating because I’m full or to take it easy in the gym because I’m tired and sore or to go to bed early even if I didn’t get everything done because I’m tired.

Now my day is filled with practicality, flexibility, and sanity. OK, well the sanity is come and go but that’s not related to the scale. haha...

I wake up and workout because I like how it makes me feel- strong, capable, energized. I take a shower and get ready for work. Sometimes my pants are tight and sometimes they’re not. It still doesn’t make or break my day. I pack food that I know will give me energy and I enjoy eating. I move as much as I can at work because I know that it makes me feel good. I come home and play with E and cook supper and sometimes take a bath with E and then when she goes to bed I just veg out until my bedtime.

At no point do I have to change into a certain outfit.

At no point do I have to stand in a certain place.

At no point do I have to perform rituals.

At no point do I have to let numbers determine my self worth.

I do the best I can to make choices that make me feel good and let my body take care of the rest.

Smell that?

It’s freedom. And it’s awesome.

Join me?

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