On the Days when You.Just.Can’t

On the Days when You.Just.Can’t

February 12, 2017 0 By fixedonfood

Sometimes it’s hard to human.

Today is one of them for me. My little sweet E shared her cold with me and I feel like my head is floating/an elephant is sitting on my chest. Life is likely about to take more turns and twists with a new job in the near future. Oh yeah, and E is boycotting sleep.


Fountain pop is the only thing that sounds good. I don’t feel like crunching on veggies and fruit. I certainly don’t feel like moving because I don’t really feel like I can breathe.

I’m frustrated. Annoyed. Tired. Sore.
And I.just.can’t.

Do you ever have these moments? Or these days?

We have 2 choices:
1. Throw in the towel, eat shit, lay around, and wallow in our uncomfortable state of body and mind, or
2. Do our best.

I have chosen both options at some point, but the funny thing is at the end of the day I still hold all the power in the situation.

Sure, I didn’t exactly “choose” to be sick. And I didn’t “choose” for my child to be boycotting precious sleep.

BUT. I know how I feel in either situation when the dust settles. Option 1 would leaving me feeling rested but tired, full, and a whole lot of sorry for myself. Option 2 would leave me feeling powerful but empathetic to my situation.

Today I chose 2. I made coffee right away because adulting was hard to come by. I drank my coffee before “diving” in to serious tasks. I moved my body mindfully- listened when it told me to slow down, and kept it short and sweet because something is better than nothing when you feel like crud. I had a salad with warmed up meat on the top for lunch to get the warmth and nutrients that I know my body needs right now. And I also chose to drink more pop than normal, because when I’m sick there’s NOTHING like that sweet, sweet carbonation to break up the sinuses. (Anyone else?!)

Life has a funny way of dissuading you from making the “righter” choices for yourself. This is where it’s important to engage that Inner Superhero and really think about how you’ll feel based upon the choices you make. I’m not saying one is better than the other- sometimes a person just needs a “sloppy” day. But the more you choose to do your best, the faster it will all become the norm. You’ll move anyway because you know it always makes you feel better. You’ll choose the healthier foods because they taste better, even if you can’t really taste. And you’ll somehow make it to bedtime trying to figure out how you kept the kid alive that day.

The more of the Option 2’s you have under your belt, the stronger that Inner Superhero will become as well. And that is the kind of power you can’t pay for, my friend.